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“My Love”

He has really dark hair. It normally looks black, but in the light it shimmers brown. He likes playing video games to pass the time­­ A different one everyday, depending on what mood he’s in. He works hard between his two jobs. Staples and Gamestop consume most of his time at this point in life, he barely has any time for himself. But the ambition to work is a good trait to have. His eyes are a milky chocolate brown. He doesn’t like them. “They look like shit”, he always says. He’s a criticizer.
He was born James Kade Sullivan on September 24, 1993. He’s 5’6, and has a slim figure. Thick black glasses cover his face most of the time, though he prefers to wear contacts. He has fair white skin, covered in dark hair on his arms, and legs. Both of his ears are pierced, it was for his birthday last year. He wears DC, Volcom, and Element brands. He pulls off the “skater” look. Yet he wishes to dress differently, more proper and hipster like, but he doesn’t have the money to do so.
Purple is his favorite color, it suits him well. He is really smart, particularly with computers, and just technology in general. He has a talent that not many people have, he can fix almost anything. He has so much potential, but he doesn’t really see it. He is very stubborn and opinionated. In any argument, he always has to be right, even though he usually always is. He’s very generous and kind. He would do anything for anyone at the snap of a finger. Always putting others before himself no matter what, even to the people he dislikes the most, the rude, dishonest and ungrateful. He’s a bit nerdy­­video games,

computers, DC and marvel