My Opinion on the Case of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier Essay

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Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier

I Nohemy, write this opinion to support the majority opinion on the case of
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier keeping in mind that this case a was a school sponsored newspaper.
In my opinion the school has the right to remove those pages since the articles were absolutely going to be a disturbance to the students that attend the school. Additionally, the articles invaded several people so it is better that they are put to an end.
I favored a loose interpretation for this case. Even though students have the privilege to express their judgements, it is vital for limitations in order to prevent mayhem within the student body. In my point of view the school was securing its students rights and spoke on behalf of the interest of the majority. Yes, newspapers are a form of public expression.
However, it is a school environment and the division has the liberty to modify the paper as needed. The factors that determined my decision and understanding were the fact that the identities of the interviewees were not anonymous, and the numerous negative feedback from students and parents. The people being interviewed had the intuition that their identities would be secrete when they were going through the process. The principle had defended these people when it came to his mind that the identities were concealed atrociously so he pulled the article out. Unfortunately, the article about divorce was said to target student's parents and the principle had failed to do anything about it.

T.M v. State of Florida

I am in favor of the minority opinion keeping in mind that it is more of a circumstantial aspect compared to the majority which would reflect as a sector aspect.
The curfew set for this town is too extreme. There are many cohorent reasons as to why a minor be out past 11 P.M., such as friends/family