Essay on My Religious Belief System

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My Religious Belief System
My religious belief system is embedded in Christianity. I was born into a family who worshiped as Methodist and I am still Methodist. Growing up my mother not only sent us to church, she went with us along with my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. Even though my father did not attend church often, he believed in God and supported my mother’s desire to have her children in church. The neighborhood I grew up in consisted of a great deal of my mother’s family and everyone served at the same church, right there in the community. My religious beliefs, directed my life in the sense of keeping my family close, taking my children to church, and teaching them the right way. I remember before my baptism, my pastor
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The benefits of my religious belief system is knowing God always watches over me in spite of my faults and the ungodly decisions I have made in my life, I know he will always look after me and never leave me and that is a enormous benefit. One disadvantage to my belief system is any individual may easily disobey laws we find ordained throughout the scriptures. For example, I concur lying about another individual or one may even consider this gossip about other people is not a pleasant thing to do. I loathed a liar, when I know someone is telling a lie that bothers me. I hear people gossiping all the time and it seems to be an easy task. This is just one example but not a small one not in God’s eyesight. However, it exemplifies the point. Numerous things can violate God's word whether you meant to be "disobedient" or not to the laws, it still considered a violation. The observable disadvantage is, unless you are perfect you are going to sin against God’s word because no one is perfect but the Father. In reality, a portion of my belief system is the entire concept of believing that each of us was born in an imperfect world and everyone will sin at some point in our lives. Once more, we see the reason we have Jesus. I know he died for our sins to save us and God is a forgiving God. The role of tradition in my religious belief system is tremendous. Sometimes I reminisce over things I did as a