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Title: My sister's keeper
Author: Jodi Picoult
Text: Novel In my sister's keeper, I was angered at the way Anna was treated whilst reading the text having her body and her mental status slowly broken, by the way her parents and doctors refer to her as spare parts rather than a person. Also in this text I also saw length Anna was willing to go to release her sister of her pain in a very unusual way. In my sister's keeper it show the the ignorance of Sara as mother of her children, and how Anna genetically created another child to save Kate. Blinded by Kate's sickness she starts to ignore her children this is seen when Anna says this “See, unlike the rest of the free world, I didn’t get here by accident. And if your parents have you for a reason then that reason better exist.
Because once it’s gone, so are you”.
When Anna says she “ didn’t get here by accident

she is saying that she was created and her embryo was picked for one sole purpose to allow kate to live longer and survive. She is saying she was not made by love but by a mother's desperation to save her daughter. Due to her way of birth and the reason Anna was conceived, she believes that the only reason she exists is as spare parts for Kate when ever she need them. She feels that her only purpose, in the eyes of her parents’ anyway, is to serve as Kate’s donor. She says that if your reason for your existing disappears, so will you.
In other words, if something were to happen and Kate were to die, Anna suggests her parents would no longer need or want her. This angered me as the reader as I felt anna was purposely being ignored. The author effectively uses variating first person point of view, to show the emotion of each and every character. This constant change through the characters especially using, Sara, Kate and Anna effectively reveals the emotions each character is going through and how they are feeling due to the situation they are in. From this part in the book I saw how sara poorly treats Anna and ignores Anna as her child. This revealed the issue of ignorance in society, how many people are living in the shadow of people that are greater or more needy than them. It shows the unrealised pain people go through and are drained and mistreated without the reaction of others. This issue in society is majorly backed up by Sara’s other child Jessie. Sick of being ignored Jessie becomes an arsonist and becomes entwined with many other dangerous activities such as excessive drinking. Like in society children and youth issues mainly start at home and are mostly due to the fact of their parents ignore or give them too much freedom. These problem allow children to steer down the wrong path for the wrong reasons this starts to create havoc in society and thus creating young criminals just because they weren't given enough guidance or attention. Through this message the author uses the symbol of fire to back it up. Fire symbolizes chaos and destruction it's show like the family slowly being destroyed by a single spark. Due to kate's disease the family were just wait for devastation to happen but they were just delaying the effect with Anna. Fire also links to
Jesse as he became an arsonist to seek attention even though he played it off like he didn't want it. I believe Jessie decided to become an arsonist due to his father being a firefighter.
This link backs to the idea of destruction and fire as wherever there is destruction there will be people attracted to it either to stop or to fuel it. Another idea that I gathered whilst reading was sisterhood and Anna and Jesse's strength to stand up to their Mother for Kate.

Jesse: Jesus christ, Anna, just tell them.
Anna: You shut up.
Jesse: Tell them why we're here. Tell them what we're doing here in court...
Anna: You promised me that you wouldn't do this.
Jesse: God, you people are so stupid!
Anna: you promised!
Jesse: Kate wants to die!
Anna: Stop