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Personality Assignment: My Reflection
During this assignment I participated in two separate online personality tests. Both were similar in nature, fast, between five to ten minutes per test and both were easily comprehendible. However, both tests were varied from one another. One test was compiled of nothing but multiple choice while the other consists of only two options. This test usually is ‘yes or no’ in nature implicating extreme scaled or leveled variation. The second test that I participated in as more balanced in the sense of the range of answer options. This tests usually consists of one question having a scaled 5 option answer key.
For my first test, I chose the KTS-11, also known as the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. This test is based on Keirsy’s Temperament theory. This famous theory is published in two best-selling literature novels (Keirsey, Please Understand Me: Character and Temperment Types) (Keirsey, Please Understand Me Two: Temperment, Character and Intellegence). This is a test to help individuals discover their personality type. It consists of 70 easily comprehendible questions and is only a two choice answer option. This is usually ‘yes or no’ in nature implicating extreme scaled or leveled variation. While taking this test the participant must answer all questions honestly based upon ones perspective, values, norms, and beliefs. This test is the most widely used instrument in the world (Keirsey,
While participating in the KTS-11, I was able to take notes and jot down my perception and opinions. For example, on question 3, the test asked “I like writers who; A.) Use metaphors and symbolism, or, B.) Say what they mean”. For me I would prefer to choose both or choose a middle ground answer option. I prefer a balanced or varied answer option versus an extreme contradictory answer option because the answer depends on what type of literature or novel that I am indulging in at the time. If I am reading a fiction based novel then I would like metaphors and symbolism, that way I can comprehend the imaginary context of that said novel. Furthermore, if I am reading an action-based novel, I would prefer a more direct approach by saying what they mean. Thus, I would choose both answer A and B. While debating question three, I was able to recall question one which states, “Do you tend to choose; A.) Carefully, or B.) Impulsively”. This goes to show that my answer was honest because I was carefully considering the following question.
For example, a question that I found intriguing is question number five, “When the phone rings, do you; A.) Hope someone else answers it, or B.) Rush to answer the telephone”. One could perceive this question to be used to analyze if the individual is an introvert or extrovert, shy or outgoing, and/or passive or assertive. I also found questions nine and twelve to be equally, if not more intriguing. I did however find question nine to be a bit confusing. “Common sense; A.) Questionable, or B.) Reliable”. Are they referring to my perspective of my own common sense or are they referring to my perspective on others common sense or my views on the common sense of my community and/or society? While considering this question, I answered as a first person perspective rating my own person common sense. I marked it as reliable.
For my secondary personality assessment, I participated in a test that is based on AMDM personality profile database and measures famous personality traits, otherwise known as the Big Five Personality Traits, Big Five, and/or the Five Factor Model (Poropat). The five main personality traits are 1.) Openness, 2.) Conscientiousness, 3.) Extraversion, 4.) Agreeableness, 5.) Neuroticism (Big Five). This test helps the individual gain greater perspective and understanding of who they are, and also helps the individual reach the highest level of self-reflection and