Organizational Studies and On-campus Experiential Component Essay

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UNIVERSITY of NORTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MGMT 3720 – Organizational Behavior Section 004, Spring 2013 Instructor: Professor Warren Watson
Office: 378 B, Business Leadership Building, Denton campus
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MGMT 3720 Organizational Behavior. This course is designed to explore the relationship between various aspects of the organizational environment and the behavior of organization members. The readings have been selected to cover the major concepts and important empirical research in each of these content areas. Class activities will primarily focus on how the concepts can be applied in a variety of organizational settings. Through completion of the course, one should better understand the forces that influence their behavior as an organization member, and in turn, how their actions influence those around them.

Offering this course through Blackboard Learning System creates new opportunities and challenges. Blackboard Learning System offers you the convenience of an Internet based class meeting the standards set forth by the College of Business, The University of North Texas, The State of Texas, and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The key is to stay current and communicate. Access course at Check the class website often. I frequently will send emails, announcements, assignments, and post additional material. I will follow this syllabus as exactly as possible. If any changes are made, I will consider you first and give time to adapt. Again, check with the class website frequently.

Prerequisites: Good standing for taking the 3720 level Mgmt course. Consult your College of Business advisor if you are unsure.


Individual exams will test over chapters in the textbook. Prior to each individual exam, you will answer brief essay questions over the readings for that exam. An end of the semester assignment is given for each of you to have two surveys completed and to write a project summary that will deal with issues related to organizational behavior. More details later in the syllabus.
Each student will complete a brief student zip code information survey that’s primarily about your locations and taking online, courses that is posted in Assessments, which is for administration purposes. Please do this right away. It is individual information only for the University.

MGMT 3720 Organizational Behavior
Course Outline – Spring 2013

Week | Week of | Topic | Reading and/or Task Assignment | 1 | Jan. 14. | Chapter 1 (What is Organizational Behavior?)Diversity in Organizations (chapter 2) | Read syllabus and acquire textbook. Text: Chapter 1 will not be on an individual exam. Do read this and read the PowerPoint to get an overview of this field of study.Text: Chapter 2 | 2 | Jan. 21No classes Monday, Jan. 21 | Attitudes and Job Satisfaction (chapter 3)Emotions and Moods (chapter 4) | Complete and electronically submit the zip code survey listed in Assessments for this class. Text: Chapter 3 Text: Chapter 4 | 3 | Jan. 28 | Personality and Values (chapter 5)Applied Assignment I | Text: Chapter 5The applied