Essay on My Two Lives Military And Ministry

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My Two Lives Military and Ministry

My lifelong dream was always to serve in the military, so at 18 years old being drafted into the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force was more than I could imagine. Long hours of training, sleep deprivation and honing oneself into the disciplined rounded individual that the regiment expected was by no means easy but it was a small price to pay to live my dream. Rigorous training on treacherous trails, hours spent deciphering maps, the feel of cold water on my back and soft dirt under my feet and sometimes between my toes, months away from my family, the screams and derogatory comments of my commanders at times caused my determination to wane but I had resolved that I would become a serviceman.
Life stepped in and I became a mother, so in 1982 I put aside my life as a serviceman to ensure that my little ones and husband were taken care of, at times I felt like an imposter, like I no longer had my own identity, cause though I loved them, I felt the call of the Military so intensely that there was a division within me “How could I Iove my family take care of them, and be in the military”. I put aside my dream for the time being, and focused on my small family. I had an encounter with my savior in 1987 and became actively involved in the church. Here was a place where I could grow where I could spread my wings, there were other young women like myself and I once again felt a sense of purpose and well-being. I enlisted in the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service in 1988 till I left for America and was active and very popular in my community. I spent my days in training, working and serving together to protect Trinidad. I was a community police Officer and worked with battered Women, homeless children, destitute families and wayward youth. One of the most important things that I learnt was how to become a successful leader. There were many opportunities for leadership and teamwork skills as I moved up the ranks and took on more responsibility.
My move to America was pivotal in my life, I was navigating in unchartered waters and reminded of the trails and maps I had to decipher in my earlier days, this time my compass was the Holy Spirit, I had no idea how my future would unfold but I was determined to become a success, my military passion and love for people brought me to the NYPD 20 years ago, I became an ordained Evangelist in 2012 and the marrying of these two identities intertwined yet again. There was no way that I could be a successful cop and not an Evangelist. There were many instances as a cop where I had to play the role of counselor and friend; these were deep seated roles in my life as an evangelist. I was responsible for upholding the law and at times administering grace another instance where these two worlds separate yet apart also intertwined, as an Evangelist I had to preach the gospel, a message where the author hated sin but loved the sinner and point people to a place of hope and reconciliation. I also had to be caring and responsible since one hiccup on my part could cost the life of a civilian or even my partner, this was the same in my other life as an evangelist, me, not preaching the truth could lead to the ultimate death of an individual. These thoughts at