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By Sharon Morris

We can all agree that this policy isn’t the exactly satisfying by many students or parents, some believe its against the students rights. Only 20 per cent of parents agree notwithstanding 80 per disagree of the judgement. Of the exceptional their child should have mobiles phone in school premises. However I understand the dilemma of students having electronic devices begin used in lesson time can distract the learning of students and the teaching of teachers. However its the parents choice if letting their child carry phones in school but teachers choice to take it out in lessons. Parents have the authority to raise their child in they way they want. What do you think?

Do you think banning phones is fair? Is it fair to get your own phone taking away for the whole day 8am-3pm or is it fair not to be allowed on your own phone on lunch/break time,free periods, begin bored because you have no one to chat to or is it fair to see teacher with phones in classrooms and students not? The answer is no because there’s a difference between having a phone and using it. This ban can be unconstitutional because every parent have a fundamental right raise their children the way they want to, unless the conduct creates a image of danger.

Furthermore in case of a emergency at the playground where teachers cant see and students can call the ambulance of a emergency something that cant wait for more than a minute just using their mobile phones. For example say when there’s a PE lesson in the outside field a student might have an accident and someone would have