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How It All Began Skye Taylor is every definition of perfect; perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect everything, but an imperfect family. Skye sat on a hill in her back yard. She watched as the sun sets on the horizon; her light auburn hair flowing in the wind, her eyes glistening as the sun ever-so-carefully settled in a different time zone. But all she could hear was the sound of her parents arguing in the background. "Why do they fight all the time?" she thought as she laid head down on the grass. "Skye, get here and clean the house, you spoiled brat!" her father, Lee Hyoshi, demanded. She heaved a sigh while following her father’s command. That night, January 5th, 2010 was Skye's 12th birthday. All she got was a broke key board, and her parents death.

3 Years Later
Skye has switched schools for the fifth time since her parents death. Her father was a business man that has earned a lot of money, but when he died he gave all the money to Skye's aunt, Morgan Taylor, who's her mother's sister. Her father is full Korean, and her mother is American. She moved in with her aunt after the funeral. Ever since her aunt got the family fortune she gambled, there for they traveled a lot. After the accident in 2010 she hasn't talked much, and didn't have many friends. She would sing with an angelic voice that could melt anyone's heart. But it made her aunt upset to the extent of smacking her. Her aunt never liked music, and never will. Skye would never smile, she would always have a poker-face, but you could see the pain in her eyes. She lived a very painful life, but it always reminded her of a story her father would read to her every night when she was a child, The Life of a Flower. It told the story of a flower that held so much beauty, yet was stepped on, torn, ripped, and withered away.

We're Friends?
"Ring, ring, ring!" Skye's alarm clock roared. "Hah, first day of school, again!" she thought while getting out of bed. She lazily walked to her closet and pulled out her uniform; it was black, blue, and white. It had a black blazer with blue lining at the hem, white button up shirt, black skirt with a blue and white swirl design, white knee high socks, and black dress shoes. She walked out the door of her bedroom. As she reached the kitchen there she saw a note that read, "Skye, I'm not going to be home for a few days, but when I come back this house better be clean! And I mean clean!" she set the note back down and headed out the door. Her home was within walking distance of the school, so she didn't need any public transportation.
She got to the front gate of the academy she's attending. She walked inside of the school with no knowledge of where to go. "Hey, are you lost?" A boy who appears to be a student asked Skye. She hesitated a moment and then nodded. She is not comfortable with having conversations. "Follow me. You must be a new student if your lost that easily." He let out a low chuckle. They walked for about five minutes before stopping at the administrator’s office. "So, this is where you get your schedule. Well, I got to go before the warning bell rings." He says before taking off. Skye decided to go inside the office to get her schedule. "Oh, you must be the new student Skye. "Someone exclaims behind her. It made Skye jump and fall to the ground. "Sorry I scared you; I came in late." The lady smiled sheepishly. Skye got off of the floor and dusted off the back of her skirt. She sat down as the lady gets her schedule. "Okay, so here's your schedule. I'll just have one of my best students give you a tour of the school." She smiled again. "Is she like a happy virus, or something?" Skye thought. Minutes later the same boy that lead her to the administrator’s office came in. "So, we meet again?" He asked with a huge grin is plastered on his face. "Cole, I need you to give Skye a tour of the school." She insisted. "Okay, it will probably take at least two periods to show her, so tell