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Summer Enrichment at Loyola
Welcome SEaL student

Hi Michelle Garcia,

Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you have been selected for Pre-college Summer Scholars 2014 SEaL program
We are very excited to welcome you to the Loyola University Chicago campus this summer for three weeks. Only a select few students from each Chicago Area high school are invited to join this esteemed program.
Important dates:
First day: Your first day to the program will be on Monday, June 23rd at the Loyola University Chicago lakeshore campus at Flanner Hall at 8:00am. We will provide you with CTA passes on Monday for students to commute for the duration of the program.
This program provides young adults with the opportunity for continued leadership development, college readiness and encourages academic excellence. We welcome you into this distinguished program, and look forward to the great qualities you will bring to campus this summer!
Next Steps:
Please complete following page and email it to me directly at or give it to your counselor and have them send it to us.

Laura Roman
Graduate Program Assistant | Pre-College Summer Scholars
Loyola University Chicago
1032 W Sheridan Rd, Suite 295 Chicago, Illinois 60660 | 773.508.8210 fax: 773-508-3123

Summer Enrichment at Loyola
Terms of Participation

Please read each of the following statements and indicate whether you agree by checking the appropriate box. Send it back to

I will be a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior at my high school in Fall 2014. (Circle One) During SEaL, I agree to attend each day of the program (Monday-Friday,  YES  NO
June 23-July 11, 2014) and to arrive to campus on time (8:30am each morning).
I agree to complete all academic assignment for the program.  YES  NO

I agree to participate in all workshops and activities in the program.  YES  NO

I agree to adhere to the SEaL “business casual” dress policy each day:  YES  NO
White, blue or black collared or other professional shirts
Khaki, navy blue, black or white long shorts or pants
Closed-toe shoes
NO skirts, jeans, shorts more than 5 inches above the knee, sandals, sneakers, hats or gang colors.

I agree to adhere to the Loyola Student Promise, which states that Loyola students  YES  NO will care about and respect themselves, their community, and all people in the community. This care and respect are demonstrated in how we speak to and behave toward others.

I agree to speak with my College Coach, class instructors, or Program Directors  YES  NO during SEaL if I am having a hard time with anything that impacts my participation in the program.

I agree to work hard while at SEaL and help my classmates and myself have a great  YES NO experience together this summer.

Student: Please sign below. (Image of signature was taken.)

I, _____________________________ (student’s name), have read all of the SEaL program material, and agree to comply with all elements of the program.

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ________________________

Parent/Guardian: Please sign below.

I, _____________________________ (parent/guardian’s name), have read all of the SEaL program material, and agree that my student will comply with all elements of the program.

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ________________________

Email this form to

Program Description

Participants of Summer Enrichment at Loyola (SEaL) will:
Improve their academic skills in key areas for success in high school, achievement testing, and the college application process.
Understand the college discernment, application, and selection process and how to prepare for success at each stage.
Connect to Loyola University Chicago and be able to identify campus resources