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Presentation­mythology Attire: Black and blue Play Video
Culture/Geo­leon 4 min
Character Sketches 2 min each (5 in total)
> Iganazi ­ Lida & Leon
> Iganami ­ Dorisa & Mandy
> Rohan
Identified Symbols 1 min each (5 in total)
> Norse ­ Lidia + Rohan (Floating Bridge only)
> Greek ­ Leon (up to Fire God)+ Rohan
> Egyptian­ Rohan
> Judo­Christian ­ Mandy (up to Water)
> Chinese ­ Dorisa
Themes 2 min
> Every action has a reaction
> Perserverance Similarities
Mural Justification (3 min)
➢ Colour, Position ­ Dorisa Lidia ­
Mandy ­
Dorisa ­
Japanese Creation Myth
Before anything existed, there was watery chaos. Then, from his sheer will, Ame created himself. He then from these waters rose Takami and Kamme. They had many children, who rose from the denser masses that would form earth, but as long as there was no life on this earth, there was nothing for the gods to do.The gods tasked Izanagi and Izanami and gave them a jeweled spear. They went to the floating bridge of heaven, and stirred the water below. The jewels from the spear formed an island, which the two went to. They next built the Hall of Eight Fathoms

around the Heavenly August Pillar. Then, first at the word of Izanami, and then Izanagi, they married. They had two lame children, shapeless blobs that they let drift away on reed boats. To try and have “successful” children, they returned to the heaven to seek help from the heavenly deities. The Deities told them that because the female had spoken first at their marriage, their offspring would be lame. So, they repeated the marriage ceremony, only to have Izanagi speak first. They had many successful children.1 Izanami eventually bore a fire god Kagutsuchi, whose fire burnt her so badly that she began to die. As she was dying, something amazing happened. Kanayama and Kanayama birthed (gods of the seas), and from other parts of her body sprung Haniyasu­hiko and Haniyasu­hime, the god and goddess of earth. Lastly, she gave birth
Mizuhame­no­Mikoto, goddess of death. And with the final birth, she died.
Izanagi cried. From his tears, Nakisawame, the spirit of spring water, was created. Then from his rage, he decapitated Kagutsuchi, blaming him for his wife’s death, and from various parts of his body, eight deities emerged. While all this happened, his wife finally left for the underworld, Yomi. Izanagi, while solaced by his children, could not bear his loneliness, so he went to the Nether regions in order to find and bring back his wife. Finally after miles and miles of travel, he came to the castle which she resided in. Because the front was guarded by black and red spirits, he went to the back, and called her name loudly. Unfortunately, she could not go with him as she had already eaten from the furnace of Yomi. She told him she would seek permission from the deities of Yomi, and that under no circumstances could he enter the castle to look at her.
He agreed, and she went into the castle. However, he grew restless, and went in, lighting a tooth of a comb. Mortified by the sight of her body and the Thunder Deities erupting fire around her body. He dropped the tooth, waking her up. Enraged her husband had broken his promise, she sent the Hags of Yomi after him.
Izanagi then tricks the hags by performing a magic trick, and then escapes back into the land of the living, throwing peaches to the hags and requesting they save the mortals. However, having transformed into a demoness, Izanagi tries to seek Izanami again. Izanami, on the other hand, does not want this kind of chaos again, and puts a large boulder between them, effectively closing off the land of the living from the dead. Upset again, Izanami promises to strangle 1000 people every day in order to account for her husbands deeds. Izanagi retaliates, and promises to