Mythology In Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology is a compilation of stories. Everything a person does and constructs must be inspired by a god or goddess within Greek Mythology, yet it is fairly easy to dismiss Greek mythology as a concept only important in the past, as these stories are thousands of years old. The gods and goddesses were created to give every human characteristic a god-like appearance, and thus embody all human experience. Because each god and goddess embodies innate human traits, each god and goddess still hold value in modern society. This is due to the fact that, while human nature evolves over time, the core of human actions and interactions remains constant.
Modern society is infatuated with the idea of perfection. Magazines often present women on
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News sources consistently publicize the conflicts between countries and opposing groups of people daily. War between societies has remained an extensive obstacle that has been around as long as people have. People invoke Ares, the God of War, in times of conflict as he represents aggression and combat. The Greeks wrote myths about Ares which ended in his demise, thus giving people parables with lessons that war is not the answer. Myths have depicted Athene defeating Ares through wisdom and cunning, thus reinforcing the ideal that wisdom overpowers undisciplined desire for war. Although the Greeks knew the detrimental effects that Ares has on society, people today still struggle with the presence that Ares has. Ares’ power can be seen in World War II, the weapons of mass destruction or lack thereof in Iraq, and between the two political parties today in America. Ares will be alive and powerful as long as there is conflict in the world, and as long as there are people in the world, there will be …show more content…
People send and receive hundreds of messages, whether it be by email, texting, or phone calls. Like ability that technology has to quickly send messages, Hermes was a successful messenger due to his diplomatic ability and his ability to quickly travel long distances for Zeus. People craft emails carefully in order to successfully convey their messages to another person; this careful crafting of an email invokes Hermes, both in his diplomatic abilities and the speed at which he sends his messages. With the rise of technology, it can be argued that Hermes is more alive today than he ever has been. Technology has given people the ability to consistently communicate with other people, whether that be in the same city, country, or across the