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The Taliban is a radical Islamic extremist group notorious for their brutal enforcement of strict unfair sharia law on the people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been a hot spot for global conflict and fighting between western countries because of the actions of the Taliban. In the book under the persimmon tree by suzanne fisher staples, Najmah has her mother and younger brother taken away from her by the Taliban and must survive by herself in a war torn Afghanistan. She travels across the country to make it to a refugee camp and trys to find her father and brother. Staples represented the Taliban in the book accurately. Staples used conflict in the book to change Najmahs character In real life The Taliban are known to beat and harass the …show more content…
Their actions had terrible impact on the characters of the book. She had to take care of her mother when her father was taken away by the extremist group. This is implied when it says "i never leave my mother's side over the next day, except to carry water from the Baba Darya to the animals"(staples 35). Najmah never left her mother's side to help support her through the hard time. Najmah also says "i awaken the morning of the next day and decide I have to do something or we surely will die........ I do not even think of the leopards as I go to the woodpile and return carrying several days worth of wood"(staples37). Normally if her father was home, he would do that kind of work, but since the Taliban took him she had to take up responsibility. Now that babajan is gone her land is left unprotected which leaves her the responsibility of protecting the land. It states ""We have no choice but to return to Golestan "says Nur was our fathers last wish that we should keep our farm from the hands of the Taliban or uncle"(staples256). In conclusion the Taliban has permanently changed najmahs life. She has been greatly affected by them and now has the responsibilities of