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Tyrel Kostyk

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Mrs. Fitzgerald
November 28th, 2013

Napoleon Kostyk, Two Napoleon Bonaparte was likely the most important leader France will ever produce. Despite all his shortcomings, Napoleon really brought France to its highest point during his era, and possibly even up until now. He changed the nature of warfare by including Special Forces and flanking in his military tactics, he developed the Napoleonic Code, which unified the people’s rights, and he created a more efficient government with a better ranking system. These are the three major actions Napoleon acted out that makes him a hero of France, both in his time and even in ours today. The first action he acted out in our list, which was very crucial during his time, was how Napoleon influenced Europe with his new military techniques. Napoleon executed this by brainstorming ideas on what he can do to make his army stronger. He came up with flank attacks and brought Special Forces along to fight with him, in order to expose and capitalize on his enemies weaknesses. These were his two most successful strategies he experimented with. By sending his army around the rear of his adversary, his troops would be able to get a surprise attack on the opposing forces, as well as cut off their communications and supplies. This also allowed Napoleon to select multiple attack routes into a battle site. By using these strategies in battle, Napoleon gained extremely high reputation from the people of France as a leader who could keep them safe, and push France into the glory it wanted and deserved. The second way Napoleon influenced France for the better was his development of the Napoleonic Code (French “Code Civil”) The Napoleonic Code began development in 1800, when Napoleon instructed a large number of jurists and
Kostyk, Three other government officials to create a unified code of civil law. By 1804, it had been completed and was first implemented in France. The Napoleonic Code is one of the few documents which still have traces of influence in our modern society, from places like common day France, Quebec, and even Louisiana. The Napoleonic Code was very influential on developing countries outside of Europe, especially in the Middle East, that were attempting to modernize their country through legal reformation. The original goal of the Napoleonic Code was to make laws more accessible and clearer to the public. The reason the Napoleonic Code influenced France so greatly was because it brought more order, and thus, more power to France itself. The final influence we’re going to look at is Napoleon’s overhaul of the Government and military ranking systems. In this government, Napoleon was known as the First Consul along with two other consuls, with Napoleon being…