Narration: Family and Things Essay

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English 101
2 November 2012
The Good Daughter Most parents desire their children to grow up in the best society environment and becoming successful in the society. That really is the parents concern but sometimes that interferes with their children privacy. Some parents do not give their children independence at all and the children do not get to decide their own lives themselves. While other parents have decided to care less if their children will be successful in society. How many times have you argued with your parents when they interfere with your privacy or because they still treat you like a child? My mother is everything to me but, sometimes I think it has not registered that I am not six any more. My mother still washes my clothes, clean my room and iron my clothes but, starts fussing after she has finished. She said I am entirely too old for her to be doing things like this for me. Then she will start asking why I cannot do things like this for her. Most of the time, I try to listen or pay attention but I get tired of listening to the same things every day. Sometimes I feel like I should do things to make my mother happy but then I start thinking and I end up not doing it. I know that I can make her happy by spending more time with her, start cleaning my own room, listen more, make good grades, talk to her before making big decisions, be more helpful and more understanding, wash and iron my own clothes, and go to family events. These are things that will make her happy and mold me into a better daughter. A few of these I have started like cleaning my own room,