Nation and Central Government Essay

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Caila Tongco
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The future of the “nation-state” may be at stake because of the ever growing economy and politics of our world. In The End of the Nation State? The author talks about how our society is becoming more and more globalized, thus a non-state world is predicted. This can all tie into the fact of devolution, which occurs in several states in our modern world. Nations are beginning to depend on their larger cities turning the power to them rather than a central government. Examples of this can include Many signs of this can include the fact that connected societies are much more logical and efficient over isolated societies. More and more countries are building roads, railways bridges etc. across borders improving investment, trade and job creation. Nation-states are already rarely found in our world because of how much culture itself has spread internationally. Take the United States for example, the melting pot as many people refer to it. The several different cultures show how it is blended by the practice of many different beliefs. You can find places of worship of all sorts by just going down a block in almost anywhere in the country. Instead of one single nation-state, it could be considered as a multinational state. This also draws back to the idea of devolution. Yes we have a central government but all states have their own separate government that may follow most of the central rules but they run their own government as well. If the spread of culture continues to grow and assimilation…