Essay on Native American Studies

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Torey Sewell

Native American


I’m from a small community where my dad is always on the road driving truck and delivers cattle all over the United States. When he is home he is working on the ranch and staying busy. My mom stayed home and took care of the kids as they had six girls. They both kept very busy, with my dad trying to pay for bills and keep the ranch running smoothly and my mom keeping up with all of us girls. I grew up in a small ranching community in Montana with about 200 people; my graduating class had 23 students and was a great place to be raised. We all knew each other and if help was needed the entire community would pitch in. One was never alone. The thing I am most interested in when it comes to Native American Indians is their history, survival and way of living. I find it interesting on how they were very useful with the supplies they had. The way they valued their materials and made use of every bone, hide or any resource they had. They wasted nothing. My home town could be compared to a Native American Indian tribe in the way they followed the buffalo around could be similar to the way we now follow our cows around. Such as sending them to summer pasture our way of living is similar. Both in a small community and in a tribe people do things to better their land and way of life by working together. When relating the two together I would say our community would be similar to their tribes. Our community is