Native Social Cause. Essay

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Since European settlers came to North America, the aboriginal people have been oppressed, displaced and attacked. Colonization took forms of residential schools, reserves, status laws, and bans on Native practices and removal of oral traditions and history.
These forced European cultures and values have caused a cycle of destruction that have effected, social, spiritual and cultural traditions. Todays reserves have a higher chance of living in a state of poverty and only recently have there been major moves to restore their rights in social justice movements.
The social justice movements like Idlenomore, women's rights, and court battles for self government that have been taken to the highest courts and have raised awareness and gained momentum towards equality discussions, and public movements of support. Forward thinking can be seen here in our own school (VIU) with the arts classes that focus on first nations studies, as well as elders in the classrooms and faculty meetings.
This generation of white Canadians are seeing First Nations for the first time as respected and honoured people who have a right to their culture and traditions. They are more open to learning and experiencing the culture to promote understanding and respect.
These open discussions and changing legal rights are direct results of the social justice movements that were undertaken by Native Brotherhood and other prominent people within the Aboriginal community in the 70s and 80s. Theses battles…