Naturalness and Human Cloning Essay

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Naturalness and Human Cloning The cloning of human beings is an unnatural event and should not be permitted in a society so based in the long term and traditional processes of procreation and evolution. This paper will discuss the possible viewpoints of human cloning in the world, Leon Cass' beliefs about human cloning, and the arguments, rebuttals and counterarguments necessary to establish a multi-faceted view of the subject. In many philosophies around the world, the belief that some form of naturalness is to be kept in the world is, if not resounding in importance, at least present. Whether an individual or an organized religion, these philosophies can agree on the importance of either a respect to human purity, the sanctity of mind and spirit, or natural environment. The importance of naturalness in the world is clearly present and was explained and defended by American physicist Leon Cass in relatedness to human cloning. Leon Cass argues that anything outside of the natural order of life is an abomination to it. The process of agreeing with a partner to have, conceiving, birthing, and raising of a child is an innate and important part of human ethics, morality, and the natural processes of life. Without the traditional aspects of sexuality, the reproduction of human life loses its humanity. Can asexual reproduction become a normality in later societies, or will it always be seen as taboos such as cannibalism and incest? Does the possibility of the acceptance of human cloning effect the population's ethics regarding casual sex and the creation of life? Cass believes that human cloning is a taboo and that it would greaten the disparity between sex and reproduction. The problem with Leon Cass' argument is the same thing that is wrong and misunderstood about many of the other attempts on the prohibition of something. Leon Cass assumes that when human cloning is available for use, a significant enough amount of people would actually do it. These fears are similar to the ones in the 1920's and 30's when alcohol was illegal, that if alcohol was regulated and sold, it would cause a pandemic of day drinkers and alcoholics. Similar also is it to the irrational fears of marijuana and drug legalization, and the legalization of gay marriage, abortions, open carry permits on guns, and other link-able modern day societal anathemas. The will and want to be with another human being, procreate, and raise a child will still be innate in human behavior, because these feelings of togetherness and love of family do not just dissipate as soon as the ability to clone comes into play in modern day science. No genuinely ethical and moral couples without other motives would change in their ideology and way of life just because the ability to do so comes into the realm of possibility. Besides for rare circumstances such as infertility in both partners