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Nature versus Nurture Rebecca Flynn Breckinridge School of Nursing at Itt-Tech

Being the first child of my siblings to go through school, I set the bar for my younger siblings. I was a good student, never talked back or interrupted the class, finished my homework and assignments on time, and put effort into my school work. Now, as my younger sister goes through high school and having most of the same teachers as I did, the teachers are expecting the same level of dedication that I had. But as they get to know my sister, they see that we are far from the same. I remember, my one brother had the same grade English math teachers as I did and the first thing that teacher asked was “I can’t wait to read the creative stories you have in store! Rebecca’s were always so elaborate!” My sister explained that school is not necessarily on the top of her priority list, or something she even likes for that matter. So, was I born smarter and more disciplined than my sister, or were we born as blank canvasses that our parents, family, and environment has influenced us to shape us into two individuals with completely different priorities? This ongoing debate has many different points to investigate. The nature side of the debate is that a child is born with all the innate behaviors and traits and you cannot change you they are (The National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, 2009).. The nurture side says that as a baby we are empty, our minds are blank, we are like a piece of play dough ready to be molded into anything and everything our imaginations can think of (The National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, 2009). I tend to agree with the nurture side of the debate. I believe that my sister and I were born both fully capable of the same things, but as I excelled in school I was praised and used that praise as motivation to keep going. I believe that how my parents nurtured me, explains the differences in our interests and abilities. My sister was constantly compared to me and that led her to focus her energy on her creative abilities. She can sing, play the piano, and draw beautifully. None of which I can any interest or ability to do. Our parents have always blamed genetics for the differences in her and I. She is artistic like my mom and I have an amazing memory and ability to remember facts and data like my father. My sister has also been diagnosed with ADD, which those on the “nature” side of the debate would use to explain our differences. However, I explain the ADD as a result of being nurtured differently. Another example of nature versus nurture is my drive for perfection at work. I believe I was born into this world capable of being careless and unmotivated. If nature theory were correct, one could be born into this world with low serotonin levels, for example. The low serotonin levels could cause depression that could lead to careless, sloppy, and subpar work habits. Instead of low serotonin, maybe someone was just