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BODY Control, provide steps to help manage any accidents that may occur while handling needles.
Unfortunately, as much as the standards and steps are pushed in the healthcare setting, the amount of accidental needle sticks have seemed to rise according to recent studies. Statistics show that more needs to be done in the workplace in order to lower the percentage of sticks. Things like passive safety features, active devices, integrated safety designs and accessory safety devices need to be implemented more in a mandatory way rather than leaving it to clinics and doctors to decide. Passive safety features work to prevent accidents throughout the entire handling procedure as an enhancement to the already safely made design. Active devices are utilized by manual activation of the safety feature by the worker which can lead to possible unwanted mishaps. An integrated safety design is a feature that is built into the device and can’t be removed. This should be the best choice for use even though it may be slightly more costly than other simpler style needles. Last, we have accessory devices which also need to be activated manually and have to be attached as a separate piece which doesn’t seem to be a favorite choice among clinics and hospitals. There are many choices to take to help in the reduction of accidental sticks but not too much is being mandated, rather, ideas are only being offered. Doctors and physicians aren’t very moved on these newer ideas either, because it