Negotiation Course Analysis

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This course has definitely changed my outlook on what negotiation is and also taught me more effective approaches to take to achieve the best possible outcome. This essay will be a personal reflection on the course from a holistic perspective, also how my methodology of conducting negotiations was prior to the course and how it changed after taking this course. I believe that this course has allowed me to understand the true value of negotiation and how it's connected to numerous aspects of personal and professional life.
Throughout my upbringing, I’ve developed a loose concept of the rapport between personal relationships, understanding, and negotiating. In order to form meaningful personal relationships, it is important to be able to effectively negotiate. In order to effectively negotiate it is
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I also learned that sometimes it's best to go along with someone else’s plans. Sometimes it may not be exactly how you would go about it but if it completes the same objective and it is harmful to you, it might be the best option. In the Pavlov Hotel simulation, it worked out the best when I went along with the seal hunter's plan and follow through without argument. To me, this uses the accommodation strategy because if you don't go with this plan, you end up losing more (Cahn & Abigail, 2014). The seal hunter had a monetary advantage over me which lead to a variance in power dynamic. It would have been less beneficial if I choose to go against the seal hunter’s plans versus complying with his plans. This scenario transgresses into similar situations that I will deal with in everyday life. By learning to swallow pride and comply with others, occasionally, I will get the most out of my resources and theirs. As long as we both get something about of their deal, and the deal is fair, it's okay to agree without