Essay on Netflix Case Study

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Netflix Inc.,: Streaming Away From DVD’s
Case Study: Emily Heath
Part 3- Alternative Solutions

To ensure the company will achieve stability by maintaining customer appreciation and satisfaction, Netflix must invest their time and finances into new alternative solutions. The solutions are based on what problems have presented themselves and are in best interest of the customers and the company. The main concerns at the moment seem to be the unreliability and instability of the company as the guidelines for prices and methods of delivery are constantly changing.

There are a few possible suggestions that are up for experimentation to resolve Netflix’s problems.

1. Incorporate commercials before and after everything
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Letting the customer know we care about them will improve the bond they have with the business. With a way to communicate to the customers, Netflix will be able to expand their customer appreciation and make better decisions to satisfy the consumers.
Solution: Create a chat room to incorporate customer feedback.
Advantages: This will create a bond with customers, will allow for opinions based completely on the consumer and will allow for Netflix to make accommodating changes to any issues affecting the subscribers. Also this may save some potential investments down the line because with a better understanding from the customers, the company will know which areas to splurge on. (Example: knowing what the customers want, allows Netflix to purchase more of the popular demands rather then take the risk with less popular options.
Disadvantages: It may be costly to start up. Also, it will require someone always on hand to review the feedback.

4. The biggest problem that is associated with Netflix is the unstable price and payment plan. The reason Netflix is so popular is because that is what the people love. The fact there is a flat rate to watch unlimited movies is the greatest selling point for consumers. Every time Netflix announces a change to their flat rate, the amount of viewers decline along with the reputation of the business. It is the smartest idea to combine everything into one flat rate. A slight