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This week I’d learned about Market Testing, Chapter 18 and Public Policy Issues
20. I learned the importance of team development and the different kind of role to serve the farm, by learning about this concept it helped me to the better the process of market testing. I also felt I learned many of these ideas could be applied in my personal, business, and career.

Thoughts about the main topics
Learning about market testing and public policies are extremely important to any organization. Public policy’s is what protects the customers against the injuries and defective product. Most public policies are in effect give help maintain a safe environment for the company. Many companies decide to ignore their public policies by not maintaining and enforcing them. This will cause a trickle-down effect.

Market testing is what keeps companies out of trouble. If a company properly intimates the market testing program it can pay off tremendously for them in the long run. Market testing can save the firm money as well. Window firm unveils the product and a small amount of markets they can tell if it’s going to take off for if it is going to be a failed attempt.

In the military we use public policies quite often. For example each level has there own policy that they distribute to the soldiers and this trickles down all the way to the squad level. Quite often there are so many policies that they overlap each other and make some of him ineffective. Just a few months ago the military did a survey on what kind of clothes there were going to be using. A team came to our