Night, By Elie Wiesel: Character Analysis

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A Night to Change a Life
“In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we’re made of.” Howard Shultz .We all have to face adversity sometime in our lives, these difficulties may be major or minor, but dealing with misfortune is simply a part of being human. These adversities shape who we are in both negative and positive ways. The reader sees many examples of adversity shaping ones identities in the novel Night. Night is a true story written by Eliezer Weisel based on his experiences during the holocaust. Eliezer Weisel faces one of the most diabolical misfortunes in history, the holocaust. He experienced horrific events such as loss, starvation, pain and fear. In the face of adversity Eliezer’s identity is tested in numerous ways, this results in newly shaped views on religion, self worth and ultimately his survival. Eliezer begins his journey as a faithful, young caring Hebrew. Early in the
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He’s treated to food, hospital care and the sweet taste of freedom. But the first thing he thinks about despite having all the resources he needs to “survive” is that he truly feels as though there is nothing left. When he looks in the mirror he sees a corpse, symbolizing how dead he truly feels, this is a result from all the hardships and cruel treatment he had to endure. Due to all the adversity he has had to face, when given the resources he requires, he struggles to see to good left in his life and instead dwells on what he’s lost.
Eliezer Wiesel’s identity has changed when faced with adversity. A once optimistic and caring Hebrew has become a survivor. To survive he needed to let go of his religion, family and sorrows for the horrific events happing right in front of him. Now all he can see in the mirror is a corpse of his