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Kaatz – 6
PAP English II
Night PRI

Author: Elie Wiesel
Genre: Non-fiction novel
Type of plot: novel of manners, problem novel, realistic novel
Setting: Sighet, Transylvania, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, 1941-1945
Characters: narrator, father (use his name), Moshe the Beadle (add others as you see fit)
The novel begins with Elie’s family in their hometown of Sighet, Transylvania. The character Moshe the Beadle is introduced. He is a poor man that everyone is fond of. Elie’s father does not support his studies of the Kabbalah so Ellie asks Moshe to be his master. One day Moshe and all of the other foreign Jews ere expelled. One day Elie walked into the synagogue and saw Moshe sitting there. He had escaped. He warned the Jews of the danger but no one believed him. A few years’ later German soldiers arrived in their town. They had many rules and soon they were moved to the ghetto. They were soon liquidated and moved to Auschwitz. The process took a few days. They moved to another ghetto then Auschwitz. The train ride there was unbearable. There was no food. They were stuffed to the brim and could barely breathe. A woman named Mrs. Schachter and she would scream of a fire that didn’t exist. she was held down, hit and tied up but continued to scream. Her son was nervously at her side. When they arrived at Auschwitz they noticed that there really was a fire…the crematorium and the chimneys from the gas chamber. When they arrived women and children where separated, this would be the last time he will see his mother and sisters. Another prisoner warns them to lie about their ages. Elies only hope is to not lose his father. They are inspected by doctor mengle then separated into two groups, dead or not dead. The selection process is long but they are soon moved to the real Auschwitz. They are there for a few weeks but then transferred to Buna. They two work in an electrical warehouse and meet many people. Elie meets a French woman that he after meets again. Their kapo is very cruel and often beats them. His foreman notices his gold crown and wants it. Elie says no but the foreman was torturing his father so he gave in. Elie had to give up a ration of bread and his crown was taken out with a rusty spoon. Elie catches his Kapo having sex with a woman so he is beaten. There was a bombing so everyone was hiding. In the middle of the camp there was a thing of soup. One man dared to go and get it and was then shot. There are many hangings. The worst was a young polish boy. The night of the hanging the soup tasted like corpses. There are many Jewish holidays but Elie’s relationship with go is weakening. Elie and his father are separated and there is a selection coming up. It is nerve racking to not only not know if your father is safe but if you will be too. They both pass but days later there is a new list. His father is on it but he ends up passing. Elie hurts his foot so spends time in the