Nikola Tesla Notes Essay

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Nikola Tesla Notes:

• Tesla was born on the stroke of midnight between July 9 and 10, 1856 to Milutin and Đuka Tesla.
• He first lived in a village named Simljan.
• At 9 years old Tesla created a 16-bug-power engine.
• His father worked as a pastor to the Gospic church.
• At 1o Tesla entered college (like our junior high schools), called the Real Gymnasium, at Gospic.
• Tesla created the Alternating-Current Motor allowing electricity to move throughout hundreds of miles rather than the previous direct-current motor which would need and power plant every few miles.
• At 19 Tesla went to Gratz, in Austria, to study electrical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute.
• He was on his death bed three or four times when he was younger.
• After going to meet his parents on their death beds he got sick.
When they died, he continued to invent.
• When Tesla was nearly dead with cholera his father allowed him to study electrical engineering which gave him a reason to live.
• Tesla sold the patent to the Alternating-Current Motor to the Westinghouse electric company for 1,ooo,ooo dollars and a royalty that one dollar for every horse-power on all Alternating-Current articles sold under this patent would be paid to Tesla.
• Tesla devoted his whole life to his work.
• Tesla never married.
• Tesla died heart failure in the Hotel Saint Regis on Thursday, January 7, 1943 many hours before the maid entered the room to clean.
• Tesla hid in the forest for about a year to skip the draft for the army so he could study electrical engineering.
• In the few years before his death he found an interest in feeding pigeons.
• As a boy he jumped off of his family's barn with a large umbrella that turned inside out before he landed. He didn't break any bones but he had spent the next six weeks in bed shaken up by the experience.
• He was able to visualize his inventions in 3D before he made them into proto-types.
• From the spring of 1886 to the following spring he was without a source of income and therefore was forced to work as a day laborer. One of the jobs he undertook was ditch-digging at two dollars a day.
• Tesla invented the Neon-Tube type of lamp and bent the tubes to form letters and geometric shapes using the sulphide of zinc and neon elements.
• Samuel Clemens, known as Mark Twain, was close friends with Tesla.
• He used a mechanical oscillator to create an earthquake unknowingly it would cause damage to many buildings around the city of New York. The police from Mulberry Street came to stop what Tesla was doing because they feared it would wreck the whole city. As the police walked in the laboratory they found that…