Essay on No Pass No Play Rule in Texas High School Football

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No pass, no play has been a part of Texas high school football since 1985. During that time, Ross Perot spearheaded a campaign to require higher standards for athletic participation. According to the state law, students must have a passing grade in each class during the grading period they are attempting to participate in the extracurricular activity in order to be eligible to participate. Although the state of Texas was the first to initiate the academic standards, most states quickly followed behind passing similar “no pass / no play” rules. I agree with the no pass no play rule for three reasons, if I have to work hard to pass and play others should to its not helping them any, It motivates you to try harder than others because you want that spot on the team, and As a student, coach, or teacher you would probably agree also. I feel if i have to work my butt off to pass other should too. If you are sick injured or any other logical reasoning, it is your responsibility to get work from all of your classes, and do the work on time. If I have to be put off the team and you are on the team and you’re failing then that just doesn’t seem fair to the students who are working hard to keep their grades up. If there are 30 people trying out for 15 spots on the team and 15 are failing but they are the best players so they automatically have to try harder then anyone. It motivates you to pass so you can have that spot on the team. As a student, coach, and even a teacher you