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Joe li
The Suffering and Cure The Four Noble Truths are the foundation of the Buddhism, and they are the most basic expression of the Buddha's teaching. These Four Noble Truths are connected to show us the reason of suffering and unhappiness. Among all four, the second noble truth is the truth of the origin of suffering. The third Noble Truth is the truth of the cessation of suffering. Once we understanding where the suffering is from and what we need to do to cure, life will be more much enjoyable. The second Noble Truth indicates that the reason we experience suffering comes from our mind. According to Buddhism, one of the main mental problems of human being is attachment. We are not only attached to the physical things, but also perceptions and ideas. Because we and the world are imperfect, impermanent, so we are always craving for the things we do not have and we are always jealous of others. Because of these desires we engage in actions that cause problems to ourselves and others, which leads to our suffering later on. The Buddha explains that our attachment to

life keeps us in cyclic existence, which does not bring us continuous happiness.
Although suffering is always present in cyclic existence, we can end this cycle of problems and pain, and enter Nirvana, which is a state beyond all suffering. The third Noble Truth explains the Nirvana. Nirvana refers to the letting go of Craving and hatred, and the full acceptance of imperfection, impermanence.