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Non-Print Media Critique
The Visual Portfolio in the chapter “Money and Success: The Myth of Individual Opportunity” included portraits that involved the successes and declines of individuals in America. The portrait of the Tent City (p. 328), located in Sacramento, California, is a visual aid for Maria Ganga “Tent City, USA”. This image taken by an unknown photographer has captured the shocking sites of “Tent City” article that was published in the Los Angeles Times. This image was used to inform and bring awareness to the horrific story taken place in American.
This image was taken on a dark and dreary day in Sacramento, California after the 2008 economic recession. The photographer has captured the sky line of the city of Sacramento in the distances. The main focus of the picture was to portray the scene of the tent city. The ground was filled with trash while the tents were pitched in no particularly order. The tents were different sizes, types and color. Stray animals lingered throughout the camp. The photographer has given a precise and clear picture that could be used as an image for the article.
The photographer has geared this image toward the American public. The objectives of this picture were to informed and bring awareness to the awful story in California. This photographer has presented a clear and precise picture, not violating any of the camp residents. He/She decided to take the picture while the residents were absent. The idea of bringing no attention to the residents has allowed the photographer to captured the “Tent City” in its entirety.
“Tent City, USA,”…