Non-Smoking Paper

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Date 1/5/12

Tony Leonetti
Anti-smoking research paper
7th grade computer class

Anti-Smoking Research Paper

* Some news from 2007 said that about 4.9 million people around the world die each year from smoking. The drug mostly smoked now would be Tobacco; the history of smoking can be dated from 5000 B.C. but mostly used for spiritual means, and offerings to deities. Smoking is also used in cleaning rituals. Diseases caused by smoking are: Lung cancer, COPD and Heart attacks. Many countries have instituted high taxes on tobacco. Anti-smoking campaigns sent every year to try and curb smoking tobacco. There are very harmful chemicals in cigarettes such as: * Acetone * Tar * Benzene * Ammonia * Formaldehyde * Carbon Monoxide * Arsenic * Hydrogen Cyanide * Alfalfa Extract * Ammonium Sulfide * Basil Oil * Bay Leaf, Oil and Sweet Oil * Beeswax White * Beet Juice Concentrate * Caffeine * And more 10 reasons not to smoke are: * Smoking is very addictive. * Smoking makes you stink and everyone around you stink. * Smoking will make you very mad if someone were to ask you to quit. * Cigarettes cost a lot of money if a pack is $5.00 each then each month you would spend about $150 on cigarettes that you could spend on something else more important. * Smoking does not make you cooler than you already were. * Smoking will give you lung cancer. * Smoking reduces endurance. * It is illegal to smoke if you are under the age of 18. * Smoking can and will deprive you of your abilities to play sports. * Smoking is very repulsive and gross.
Smoking is very bad but there are many ways to quit here are 17 ways to quit. * Do not carry any with you at all. * Try to quit one day at a time. When you wake up focus on “Do not smoke today.” * When you are trying not to smoke try not to think you are depriving yourself of cigarettes because you are actually telling your body that you care about it when you are not smoking. * You should always be proud that you are not smoking. * Some situations will trigger the urge to have a cigarette. Those situations might include: drinking coffee, hanging out with friends that smoke, end of meals, alcohol or sitting in a bar. * You should make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking keep the list with you wherever you go and if you feel yourself reaching for a cigarette grab the