Sigmund Freud Research Paper

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Sigmund Freud

A topic that I find interesting in psychology is Sigmund Freud. So the essay for my final psychology assignment will be about him. Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856 and died on September 23, 1939. During these 82 years he was able to discover some of the most important things in psychology to this day. He has found and theorized some of the most foundational aspects of psychology as we know it.

Sigmund Freud entered the University of Vienna at the age of 17. He planned on studying law but ended up studying at the medical faculty of the university. He graduated with his MD in the year 1881, when he was 25. A year after he graduated from university he started working at the Vienna hospital. He studied cerebral anatomy and published a paper on the effects of cocaine. He eventually started giving lectures at a nearby university, it wasn't a paying job but he enjoyed giving lectures. In 1886 Freud left the hospital and started
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He began smoking cigarettes but eventually moved on to cigars. Freud thought that smoking increased his capacity to work and that it was a way for him to exercise self control through moderation. He also believed that most addictions were ways to avoid another addiction. He received health warnings from colleagues about smoking tobacco but still continued to smoke. Continuing to smoke he eventually got buccal cancer.

Freud greatly admired his tutor Brentano, who taught him about philosophy. Brentano was known for his theories of perception and and introspection. Brentano discussed the unconscious mind in his papers, but he did not believe in the unconscious mind. His discussions of it probably helped introduce the theory of the unconscious mind to Freud. In 1885 Freud went to Paris to study with a renown neurologist who was conducting research into hypnosis. This experience was a catalyst to turning him towards psychopathology instead of