Essay Nonverbal Communication of the Breakfast Club

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Shane Seemann
The Nonverbal Club

The Breakfast Club is such an interesting movie to use with this topic. The wide range of characters allows for a variety of different interactions. The way we are going to approach this, is to look at each character and examine the different interactions between.
Let us first start off with some good examples of Physical Appearances and Artifacts, or the personal objects we use to announce our identities, interests and backgrounds. Our appearance includes everything from our body type to our hair style to our skin color to eye color to height. (Orbe & Bruess, 2005) We have five characters, all representing a possible cliques in high school. We have Andy, the clean cut jock; neat blonde hair,
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– 4 ft.) Or possibly even Intimate Space (0 in. – 18 in.) (Orbe & Bruess, 2005) when he questions Claire about whether she’s been felt up. He does this to enforce the attitude he’s trying to project. Lastly, the discussion about life at home for the Breakfast Club. After Bender reveals that he is abused at home, he becomes upset and removes himself from the group. He climbs the stairs and faces away from the group. The reason for this is that he puts on the “tough guy” persona, this would be damaged if he showed that level of weakness.
Kinesics, which Orbe & Bruess (2005) define as using body movement and gestures to communicate, makes two early appearances in this film. Right away in the movie when Bender and Brian take off their coats at the same time. It could be either coincidence, or that Brian looks up to Bender in a way. Then again when Allison starts biting her nails, everyone stares at her and she stops, but continues anyway. by keeping her back turned and ignoring the fact that everyone is looking at her, she expresses her indifference of what people think about her, which is the essence of her character. Also how Allison puts her head on the table when the principal was yelling at them. By covering her head she removed herself from the situation, thereby not having to deal with it.
A really good example of Kinesics is how Richard got in Benders face in the closet scene. He was definitely