North Carolina Case Study

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Law and Policies of North Carolina
Miranda Hall
Dr. S.
April 29, 2012

Laws and Policies of North Carolina
Children’s statutory code
North Carolina Division of Social Services
Family Services Manual
Volume I: Children's Services
Chapter VIII: Child Protective Services North Carolina code, laws, and policy has in place procedures that will ensure the child’s safety. When a child’s residence is deemed unfit and parents are not able to care for the child it is the Human services professionals’ duty to remove the child and place the child in a better operating environment. Child protective service professionals must conduct thorough assessments and investigations in order to make proper judgment on whether the child should stay in the household or not. Professionals have a duty to report abuse to the local District
Attorney so that the DA may decide on if charges should be filed against the parent or party that is inflicting harm to the minor. It is also required by medical professionals to report abuse to
Child protective services or also known as CPS. For example, a child may be seen in the
Emergency room for a broken leg, a month later may go back for a broken arm and bruises are visible on the minor’s body; for this, the medical provider must inform CPS. Overall, if the codes, laws, and policies are followed it will prevent the minor from losing his or her life.

Policies from the Human Services division of your state government
NC Department of Health and Human Services
Social Services Commission Statutes 3 The Social services commission has the right to change laws and policies. The agency has the right to regulate fees provided to fund cost of daycare for low income families. The individuals within the committees must meet on a regular basis to review findings. The committee oversees minors that were placed in the juvenile delinquent system. This agency has the ability to change the laws and polices when it deals with those that seek assistance. For example, an individual before may have received a welfare check with the dollar amount based on how many children the individual has. The agency can change the laws to one set dollar amount and in the future can collect money back if child support is established from the non custodial parent. This agency has the ability to review laws and change accordingly.

Mental health codes for adults and children
Chapter 122C.
Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Act of 1985.
Article 1.
General Provisions. The state laws and policies support children that have developmental delays. The child can receive early intervention to help the child work through developmental delays. Minors with mental illnesses or diseases should have a responsible