Not A Minority Essay

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Brenda Gonzalez
Chicano Art 230
11 May 2015
NOT a Minority
The poster that I decided to put together is a representation of Chicano identity. It reflects who Chicanos are and their struggles. For example the top part of the poster says, “We are not a Minority” which many times Chicanos are referred to as being the underrepresented. The center of the poster shows an Aztlán flag, which is the flag of Chicanos with the colors green, white and red, and the three faces looking different directions. These faces represent the origins of Chicanos, the Spanish (Europe), the Native and the Mestizo. The seven blue flags represent the landmasses, which stand for ‘the creation of the spiritual nations.’ The other images attached to the flag stand for the struggles as a representation of the everyday fight of Chicanos. The “Stop War” image is in protest to stop war even against human, or a certain race and ethnicity. The red star with the hand in the center and red star stands as a symbol of power and revolution. Again the hand is shown in another image holding a peace sign, signifies that if Chicanos fight together striking they can obtain peace. The last image on the bottom right is the United Farm Workers eagle, which not only stands for striking but also as a form of identity. All of these signs together represent Chicano identity affirming who they are and not what society or the government makes them look as, the minority. The bottom of the poster displays a wordle, with words that