Notes on King Richard Iii and Looking for Richard Essays

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Lady Anne scene –
- “Presents Anne with an offer she can’t refuse”
-Showing the references throughout with popular contemporary context to derive meaning
-Anne mostly in the dark enhancing her incomprehension, camera turns away from her or shows only as body parts to frame Richard’s body “Was ever a woman in this humour wooed? Was ever a woman in the humour won?” - assonance and expansive ‘o’ sounds as well as rhetoric and repetition
“I’ll have her but I’ll not keep her long” - intercuts of ‘Ha’ as well as an increased speed of cuts through this line – almost portrays Richard as mad – cut of him out of costume in rehearsal laughing
- Seduction through language and sexual tension in Pacino’s version – low neckline in costume,
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Meeting of the Dons – -Pacino’s cultural heritage – utilises fear and his context to help relate – makes the connection between Elizabethan times and today stressing that there will always be individuals who will betray others for power
- Pacino shot in low angle shots, in and out of shadows – shot of Hastings half hidden behind the silhouette of Richard
- “The truth is that those in power have total contempt for everything they promise, everything they pledge, and this is really what Shakespeare’s great play is really about.”
- “Those who love me, rise and follow me” – sesuras quicken pace, increasing the anxiety and utilising their fear

Shakespeare – integrity, honesty, loyalty and moderation
Pacino – integrity, honesty, loyalty, empathy, equality and perseverance
- The values of the texts parallel as they portray the timeless concept of human emotions and destruction within one’s self.

Other -
- Documentary – flexible medium, modern day analogies, enactments of key scenes
- Shakespeare – language, style, character development, plot
- both affected by contextualisation (societical, historical, cultural)
-supernatural – prophetic curses/ dreams – Margaret – portrayal as mad in Pacino - association of