Essay on Nothing: Liberalism and Political Parties

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20 September 2014

UAssess the arguments for referendums to be widely used in theK?
4-5 explained points with links

Short conclusion summarising the arguments

Settles divisive and controversial issues
Examples of such referendums is the scottish independence referendum in 2014,the scottish and welsh act referendums in 1979 and the Northern Ireland referendum in 1998.These referendums addressed issues that have changed the governing of the uk because they addressed issues that could not just be determined by the Westminster government. So these issues could only have been settled through a fair vote which could only have been done through the use of a referendum.

The nature of political parties
A political party is an organisation that develops a set of political goals and policies, which it seeks to covert into political actions by obtaining government office, or a share in government, or by influencing the government of the day. It pursues its goals by mobilising public opinion in its favour, selecting candidates for office, competing at elections and identifying suitable political leaders.

Features of political parties • They have to be organised. They need to do this in order to be able to carry out their many functions. • They need to develop policies and programmes to present to the electorate in order to secure the election of their candidates. • Large parties have to secure the government office. • Gain public support for their policies. • They also need to have a suitable candidate for elections • They need to have a successful leaders.

Functions of political parties • They make policies

The liberal party
The Liberal Democrats are the successors to two great reformist traditions in British politics – those of liberalism and of social democracy, which became separated from each other in the early part of the twentieth century, but are now reunited, in the