Nursing: Nursing and Health Care Essay

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One Person can Save a Life
"To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse.- Raws Williams. One person can save someone's life in the blink of an eye. During the Crimean War in 1854, Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, began to clean hospital tools which made things better for the lives of the people that she was helping. This obviously helped with lowering the rate of infection in people and the death rate of people dying prone to infection. You may think that you aren't doing anything to save them, but you are. Nursing is a big part of the medical fields and they save lives more then we think they do. The more you think about it the more it makes sense that a nurse can save the life of a person as much as a doctor could. A nurses job is just as important possibly more than a doctors job. This is because a nurse's job is to make sure that the patient is being correctly cared for. There is many things that a nurse has to go through to get to be on top and for people to actually idolize them and it is not easy. They have so many responsibilities and so many things that they actually need to do. The main definition of this career is that they work under the direction of physicians and provide total care to a patient. They observe patients, assess patients needs, report to other health care personnel, administer prescribed medications and treatments, teach health care, and supervise other nursing personnel. A nurse belongs to the highest level in the nursing hierarchy. They look after works of LPNs and nursing assistants.According to "They are the back bone of our health care system. Working on the front lines of Medical care and specializing in more than one type of medicine." You will have to be able to pay attention to the details, feature to caring and sympathetic demeanor, a great sense of organization (as for any job), have an investigative mind at all times to tell is a patient is showing certain signs, and emotional stability. Their responsibilities are mainly to take care of every day things and tasks in the hospital or even in the doctors office. Some really important things that they do when they arrive to work during their shift is the daily care of an admitted patient that might need help, this might be someone that got admitted while they were working or someone that had been admitted throughout the night. They administer medications, set IVs, give shots, and update the patients medical record. All of this is a daily process, all of these things could make or break a persons life. They are all great components of healing from an illness that might be if a patient is able to be released or not. They are also someone that a patient might really rely on it might not be just for medical attention, a patient might actually use them to talk to and to be there for them.

They are there to provide emotional support. They are also there to teach the patients medical education. While a patient is in the hospital there is a lot of things that are being done to them that they need to be aware of and how to handle. With the nurses being able to teach them things about how to handle themselves and what they need to do to heal on their own outside of the hospital without relying on the nurses and medical professions. They are also able to do basic diagnosis of someone. Say for instance someone comes in to a hospital and says that they are feeling a combination of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, the nurse might be able to ask them a couple questions as in what they have eaten, where they got the food from, and then do a few tests and be able to diagnose them with food poisoning. All of these things are done in the day of a nurse. The most challenging things about this job are from an interview on "having a patient very unhappy, or in a lot of pain and not being able to comfort them in a degree that you would like to." The