Nutrition and game preparation Essay

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Nutrition and Game Day Preparation
What to eat day before game, morning of and after game

Carbohydrates should be the focus of the meals for not only the day prior to the game, but for several days prior to any activity. The goal is to maximize the glycogen stores(liver and muscles). The fuel you put into your body DOES make a difference in the energy you’ll have on game day.

On the morning of the game, it’s optimal to eat breakfast, especially if you have a few hours before game time. An 8am game may represent a greater challenge. Pre-game foods should be high in carbs and low in fat, and they should be familiar to the athlete. Prior to a game is not the time to experiment with a new food. Suggestions: cereal, bagels, toast, fruit(babanas and oranges), energy bars. The glycogen stores may have adequate carbs from the days preceding the game, but the brain gets its fuel only from the sugar in the blood(morning fuel).

After games is the best window of opportunity to refuel the glycogen stores. Therefore, it’s important to re-fuel within 30-60 minutes. The best is high carbohydrate plus a little protein. Suggestions: cereal + milk, fruit + yogurt, bagel + peanut butter, sports bars. Also it’s advised to drink the carbs. Suggestions: fruit juice, chocolate milk, fruit smoothie.

What to eat when we have two/three games on the same day

With less than 3 hours, go for easily digestible carbohydrate-dense snacks. Suggestions: fruit, bagels, graham