Nutrition and Young Age Essay

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Eating at Your Desk

As we all know, with the developing of our society, more and more people always eat at the desk to save time. This is bad. In this essay, the author mainly talks about the disadvantages of eating food without going out your offices or not in a formal way though his own experience from his young age to his work life.

At the beginning of the essay, the writers said when he was a child, his mother always cooked nutritional food for them and they always spend more than half an hour at the dining-table, which followed by a talk among family members. This is good for our heath both in body and mood .But now there are much more people who eat only at their desk and not go out to save the time. This will do harm to us. For one thing, the condition of the environment we eat also have impact on out quality of our eating. After years of lackluster dinning, our stomach began to hurt. For another thing ,if we do not go out to eat food, you will miss the chance to meet the sunshine ,which is important for vitamin D ,It is necessary for our body health and mood. And eating at your desks can also lead to a serious problem that is we always ignore our fullness at that condition, which will let us eat too much.

In my opinion, I think it is not a good habit to eat at your desks. We should go out for dinner or eat with our families. And the time we use to eat should last for 30 minutes. Firstly, if we do this ,it can help us to have a time to relax and stay with our