Nvq Level 3 Health and Social Care Essay

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Dementia is a progressive illness that usually occurs over a period of time one of the earliest signs of dementia is problems with a persons memory, this can result in the individual behaving and communicating differently .
Because there are so many different types of dementia the signs and symptoms of these can vary widely, because of this the communicating abilities of the individual will vary greatly each form of dementia will have certain symptoms that may be relevant to that disease but some symptoms may be present in more than one form of dementia.#

This is the most common
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can play a major part in the communicating abilities of a individual by assisting the person in making sure that they have the items and are using them correctly you can help aid better communication.

4. the behaviours of carers and others towards an individual with dementia can have a great effect on the behaviours of that individual, as a carer it is important to figure out what may have caused a change of behaviour in the person you are caring for, problem behaviour can just be a reaction to something going on in the environment around that person loud noises and a lot of people fussing about them could cause a reaction the person may be unable to express there needs they may be in some physical discomfort and need help but are unable to tell you , they may be having trouble completing a task that they would normally have been able to do this making them upset and frustrated , as a carer it is important to try and remain calm even when things may be stressful getting upset or frustrated with the individual can lead to that person becoming more agitated as they are unable to express themselves a lot of the time the individual will be responding to how they feel they are being treated if as a carer you being to feel unable to cope with a situation you should ask for help and remove yourself from the situation.
OUTCOME 2. when communicating with an individual it is important to demonstrate different techniques