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Victoria Gonzalez Speech 001 Persuasive Speech May 5,2015
Intro:Imagine getting away from everyday life and just laying out on the beach soaking up the sun, standing on top of a mountain letting the wind blow through your hair,or standing on the beach smelling the intoxicating scents of the ocean breeze.
Open with impact:Hawai’i is the tropical paradise where you can do many things from learning about a different cultural and hiking up a volcano for a view of the lifetime.
Thesis:People should travel to the island of Oahu,HI because it has a well developed side of the island known as Waikiki ,a local side of the island known as the North Shore,and some amazing scenery for beautiful hikes along the way.
Connect w/ audience:I am here today to tell you guys about the amazingness of Hawaii and why you could should plan your next vacation there.
Preview main points:
Explain what the island of oahu
Explain the difference between waikiki and the north shore and what to do on each side.
Planning a vacation is no easy task.
Technology helps make planning easier.
Why you should always book with a package deal.
Main Point 1 Oahu is the third biggest island of hawaii.
Oahu has some majorly well developed cities like Honolulu and waikiki where you can stay at a resort and walk right out onto the beach.Walk down the street to a restaurant named Duke's where you can sit down for a lovely dinner overlooking the ocean.
Even though Oahu has some well developed parts of the island it always has some unspoiled sides that are just as amazing.What many know as the North Shore of the island is this amazing long stretch of the coast where you can see sea turtles,surfers,and even whales.You can expierence the local food such as Giovanni Shrimp Truck.
On the drive to these different sides of the island you pass many well known hikes such as the Stairway to heaven,Diamondhead ,Dead Man Catwalk,Manoa Falls,and many more.
Oahu has the same resorts as Las Vegas just more relaxing and with more to do than to see the desert and experience such dry heat.
Main Point 2 Planning a vacation is no easy task you have you look into airfare,hotels,and activities to do on the island.
You can easily get ripped off just for simply being a tourist.
The five hour flight feels extremely long and time consuming.
Airfare is just extremely outrageous at this point.
You never know if you want to stay right on the beach or a couple blocks away due to cost.
With certain hikes there is always a chance that the view would not be worth all these miles you may be hiking.
Main Point 3 With Technology advancing you can always look up stuff on the internet and read reviews before making anything official.
With certain apps like Instagram,Yelp,and Pinterest you can simply type up the island of Oahu and many things will come up and show you pictures to help finding what to do a lot easier.
Long flights are never fun or exciting but Delta airlines offers great deals and complimentary movies to help making your flying experience a lot more