Obama: Working Class and Romney Essay

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Do you know who you are going to vote for in the 2012 presidential election? If you don’t, you should vote for Barack Obama because he wants to lower tax rates, help kids go to college, and wants to help our economy.
We all know that our tax rates are really high right now, and Obama wants to help bring the tax rates down and help small businesses. If you are thinking that Romney is trying to do the same, it is different. Romney wants to lower taxes for both middle class and the wealthy, but if he is going to lower taxes on both sides, how are the taxes going to get paid? Obama wants to lower taxes for the middle-income and raise it for the wealthy. He believes that the wealthy need to do more for the economy. If we can lower tax rates for the middle-class, it will help more people that are out of jobs.
Since gas is crucial for us to be able to go where we need to, Obama wants to help us pay less for it and go longer without having to buy it. Obama’s plans are to bring tax rates down, so that means you won’t be seeing any five-dollar gas signs. Also, Obama wants to increase the efficiency of our gas so we will be able to go longer without having to go and refill.
Obama wants to help kids go to college and help schools. Obama will lower tuition for college and give student loans. Obama has a plan to lower the tuition, and his proposal is to lower the tuitions or to reducesss the funding to the schools. Romney doesn’t want to spend more money to help education, but Obama will…