Occupational Safety and Health and Health Care Essay

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1. Explain the responsibilities of both the employer and employees as set out in the Workplace Health and Safety Act.
• Employer’s responsibilities involve keeping a safe and well-maintained work place for all of its workers. Thus, making it beneficial for both employers and workers. Provision of proper safety equipment and training is required. By doing such, productivity as well as protection among the employees is ensured. Since there is no 100% assurance that any place is accident free, First Aid Training and First Aid Kits should also be provided so as to have a better response in any crises that may arise. Reasonable precautions should also be taken to protect workers from illness and injury. The essential idea is prevention from harm and keeps work-related injuries into a minimum.
• Employee responsibilities include being participative in maintaining the workplace safe. Being aware of what is safe or not in the work area is one of your sole responsibilities as an employee hence reporting any unsafe condition is a must and one shouldn’t just wait until someone gets hurt. Having casualties in the work place is not an option. In the work area, one should be provided with the necessary protective gear or clothing as the job requires such as gloves, goggles or helmet and one must be equipped with the right knowledge on how to operate relevant machines or equipment. One has the responsibility to keep oneself safe. In cases that the worker has any concern on health and safety, it should be raised up to the appropriate supervisor.
2. Describe 5 ways that would address issues to ensure own health and safety. o Looking after myself- being conscious and aware of the events happening around and being very careful while doing a task at the workplace will minimize the possibility of getting hurt. o Thinking about the safety of other workers- Thinking of the welfare of other co-workers is one good practice in keeping the workplace a suitable place to work. If ever one worker is injured, it will sure have a great impact on the entire work force. So if one hazard is present, it should be immediately reported to the direct supervisor for it to get fixed and prevent the occurrence of injuries to other workers. o Following instructions- Instructions are there for a purpose and that would be ensuring the safety and well-being of the workers. It is there to keep peace and order and limit unnecessary harm that could have been prevented if strict compliance was made. o Using protective equipment- Taking care of one’s self is number one priority to effectively render service. Using PPE’s such as masks, goggles, gloves, protective gowns will surely limit work related injuries. o Not to be affected by alcohol or drugs at work- Working in the right state of mind and body will let the worker focus efficiently in getting the job done therefore not compromising output as well as body functions due to influence of alcohol or drugs.

3. Research and name 2 Advisory standards or Codes of Practice that are particularly relevant to this area and description of what they are in reference to.

o Manual Tasks Involving the Handling of People Code of Practice 2001
 The People Handling Code of Practice states ways to prevent or minimise exposure to risk due to the handling of people that can cause or aggravate work related musculoskeletal disorders.
 It applies to any workplace activity requiring the use of force by a person to hold, support, transfer (lift, lower, carry, push, pull, slide), or restrain another person at a workplace.
 This code outlines practical ways in which a person to whom this code applies can meet the requirements of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.
Manual Tasks Involving the Handling of People Code of Practice 2001: viewed on the 18th of July http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/resources/pdfs/handlingpeople_code2001.pdf o Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991
 The object of this Act