Oda Nobunaga Research Paper

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Oda Nobunaga is a famous samurai warrior, who was born on June 23, 1534, in the Owari Province, to a minor daimyo, Oda Nobuhide, as his second son. After his father died, in 1551, Nobunaga gained all of his father’s property. In 1549, Oda prevailed over the ruling family in the area. Growing up, Oda’s was a rebellious person, so not so many people liked him as much as his brother, who had great manners. Hirate Masahide, a mentor to Oda, committed ritual suicide due to Oda’s unruly behavior. After this significant loss, in Oda’s life, he ended up cleaning up his act.
In 1560, Oda entered the Battle of Okehazama, where his army was destined to lose, if it wasn’t for his creative military tactics. At the battle, his opponent Imagawa Yoshimoto,