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Jackson, Reginald Period 5
After the Revolutionary war between the United States and Great Britain, the United States wanted to insure everyone’s rights they did so by adding a Bill of Rights. Framers of the Constitution disagreed with the fact of adding the Bill of Rights to the constitution because they felt it was “Invading on people’s personal lives.’’ The causes of the disagreement is over the Bill of Rights is people had different opinions if the Bill of Rights should really be added, the effects would be letting the people choose if there should be a Bill of Rights , and a big political debate. One of the amendments from the Bill of Rights that is guaranteed is security from unreasonable searches, it is still important now because that is invading people’s property without a probable cause, or reason. First, one of the effects is that the different ideas will eventually lead up to what the people wants. Framers will eventually let people vote for what they want to see happen in the Constitution. The big thing the framers were stuck on is “It is invading people rights” if it was invading people rights the people should have voted and chosen. If this continued the United States would have formed the voting process sooner.
Second, one of the causes of the…