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Characters Who Illustrate the Theme of Loneliness in Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men is a novel written by John SteinBack. The novella is about two men who travel together and have each other. One of these men is mentally ill and gets into trouble. In Of Mice and Men a lot of characters illustrate loneliness. I will be writing about two characters named Crooks and Candy. Of Mice and Men has a lot of lonely characters and I have chose two to write about. Crooks is a black man who works as the stable buck. Crooks is isolated because of his race and how he is separated from the other guys which makes him lonely. (Page 72) in Of Mice and Men has a quote that illustrates how lonely Crooks is. “Maybe you can see now. You got George. You know he’s goin’ to come back. S’pose you didn’t have nobody. S’pose you couldn’t go into the bunkhouse and play rummy ‘cause you was black. How’d you like that? S’pose you had to sit out here an’ read books. Sure you could play horseshoes till it got dark, but then you got to read books. Books aint no good. A guy needs somebody-to be near him.” The characters show loneliness through how they talk and act. Candy is a man who got his hand cut off on the job. The loss of Candys hand made him not able to work with the other men. When Candys dog is shot it shows how little he has to live for and how lonely he really is. On (page 61) there is a quote by candy “You seen what they done to my dog tonight? They say he wasn’t no good to himself nor…