Of Mice And Men Loneliness

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In the book Of Mice and Men loneliness is a major theme. Loneliness is when somebody has nobody to talk to and all by himself. You can be surrounded by people and be lonely or have nobody around and be lonely. In Of Mice and Men there is a lot of loneliness. Almost every character has a bit of loneliness in them. In the novel a few of the characters that are lonely are Curley’s wife, Crooks and Candy.
One of the characters that displayed loneliness was Candy. Candy’s dog was killed and the dog was his best friend, so he feels lonely without him. Candy is afraid he will be like his dog, kicked off the farm with nowhere to go. Candy did not talk specifically about being lonely, but he does talk about his dog and how he is scared he will be kicked off the farm. Candy did not do much to feel less lonely; he talked to George and Lennie after his dog was killed. Candy was not really successful in battling his loneliness. However, he did get more joyful when he heard about George and
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He is black, so he had his own room and is excluded from everybody else. Therefore, he stays away from the white guys. When Lennie came in Crooks said “S’pose you couldn’t go into the bunk house and play rummy ‘cause you was black.” He also talked to Lennie about when he was a kid and how he got depressed and angry when he was by himself. Crooks reads a lot so he can feel less lonely, but he is not that successful at being less lonely. He is never included in anything that the white guys do. Crooks even said “Books ain’t no good. A guy needs somebody- to be near him.”
In the novel, Of Mice and Men, loneliness was a major theme because almost every character was lonely in some way. Some of the loneliest people in the book were Curley’s wife, Crooks and Candy. Curley’s wife and Crooks didn’t really have people to talk to everyday. Candy was lonely without his dog. The setting is in Soledad, which is a Spanish word that means loneliness in