Of Mice And Men Reflection

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The book Of Mice and Men tells a story about two men travelling around to find work in California during the Great Depression, where work is hard to find. Lennie, one of the characters, is excited to own his own farm, tend to the rabbits, and not have to worry about working at someone else's farm. Candy overhears Lennie and his friend talking about this plan, and now Candy wants to join in on the adventure because he is old and his time is limited at working on the current farm. He is willing to give money for the down payment and help around the farm. Lennie messes everything up with their plans and they can no longer get the farm. In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck tells a story about how people need hope and friendship to keep going.

Lennie is a big man, but he is very slow minded and his friend George has to tell him everything to do and how to behave properly. Lennie really wants to have a farm and tend to rabbits on the farm. This is his hope that keeps him going, knowing that he is going to live with his friend and never has to work at someone else's farm again. Lennie wanted to hear about the farm, so he asks George to tell him. “Lennie spoke craftily, ‘Tell me -- like you done before’ ‘Tell you what?’ ‘About the rabbits.’” (P. 13). Lennie and his friend are making their way to the farm after the bus dropped them off far away, and they stop for the night. Lennie wants George to tell him
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Lennie is excited to get to have his own farm with his friend. He hopes he is going to get the farm, and is happy he gets to have rabbits. He likes George telling the story of the farm. Lennie and George were talking and one of the other men named Candy overheard their plan, and he wanted to join in because he is old and cannot work on the farm for much longer. Lennie kills someone because of his extreme strength and the best laid of mice of man went