Of Mice and Men Review Essay

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Of Mice and Men
The book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck takes place during the mid-1930’s in
Salinas Valley, California; John Steinbeck portrays loneliness and friendship throughout the book. Our main characters, George and Lennie have the ideal kind of friendship. At the end of the story, George acted out his love in friendship for Lennie, by shooting him. George wanted
Lennie to pass painlessly, while still mentioning the rabbits. As we know, every rancher in the book is lonely and they have no one to rely on but themselves, except for George and Lennie.
Although, at the end of the story when George kills Lennie in an act of love, he ends up joining the club of loneliness. John Steinbeck uses these themes to show the readers what true friendship and loneliness is like. I think that the author presents the themes in this particular matter because he is trying to make the book like a real life situation. I also think that John Steinbeck based the book on these themes, because he wanted the readers to sort of connect or relate with it. He wanted his readers to understand what George and Lennie went through; they had ups and downs, I think that he wanted to show his readers what true friendship, love, happiness, and loneliness feels like. After reading this book, the themes made me realize how important friendship is. It makes me feel fortunate to have the people that I have. This entire book left me with a grateful effect because I have true friends who have literally